Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bonus Points for Holiday Shopping

A quick holiday shopping tip and a miniscule favor.

You should try to maximize incentives (cash back, travel program points, discount codes) with your online holiday shopping. Check out for a summary of promotions and incentives for pretty much every online merchant. I have no financial or other interest in this website. I find it useful for accruing extra frequent flyer points. There are many other websites, like, that list current promotions and discount codes.

Speaking of Amazon (here is my favor), if you buy something from, please use my affiliate link at
======> click here

By clicking on my link, I get a very small percentage from anything purchased. I have had this link for several years but just have not promoted it.

You get the same prices, discounts, promotions, deals that you get from going directly to or using any other affiliate. You can use your Prime membership, gift cards, and Wish Lists. Please be assured that I (or anyone) will have no access to your research or purchases. It is completely anonymous outside of Amazon. So, if you are buying "Dummies Guide to Divorce" or "123 Ways to Annoy Your Boss," well, it is your secret. I simply receive a report of how many clicks I referred, conversion rate (something purchased), and money spent. Over time it will add up to a loaf of bread (not a load of bread).

You can you the above processes any time throughout the year, not just at the
year-end holidays.

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