Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Travel Reference Books Teach Travel Skills

Previously I talked about destination guidebooks. When you are planning a trip, it is worth reading a few different guidebooks to learn about the area, what to do, how long to spend there, and more.

The other genre of travel books, I call travel reference books. Travel reference books are extremely helpful because they can teach you travel skills; to help you save money, time, and stress, no matter your intended destination. Travel reference books can be about air travel (like my book), cruises, budget travel, luxury travel, solo travel, packing, and so on. You name it, there is probably a book for it. An example, I recently received a book called 101 Best Outdoor Towns. There are books on staying at colleges, monasteries, and aboard boats.

Perhaps my all-time favorite travel reference book, the one I would be proud to have written, is Traveler's Tool Kit by Rob Sangster. Although it is a guidebook, I am very impressed with Rick Steve's Europe Through the Back Door. It is a guidebook, in that it covers the destination of Europe. Half the book, however, is a wonderful reference guide with solid tips for having a great trip (packing, shopping, touring, etc., tips galore).

On my website,, I occasionally review travel books. Please check there for my two cents before shopping. Do you have a favorite travel reference book? Let me know by submitting a Comment. Thank you.

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