Friday, January 30, 2009

Job Layoff = Travel Opportunity

The news is bleak. 900k US construction workers are not working. More than 75,000 workers laid off this past Monday. Most states have over 5% unemployment.

What can you do if you are out of work or facing a layoff? Whine? File unemployment? Start a business?

Get outta town! I meant it. This is a great time to travel. I have been laid off three times (the perils of working in high tech). Twice I took the opportunity to travel. I flew to Hawaii, criss-crossed the US several times, went to Europe.

You have sensibly managed your finances, right? Obviously, if you have debt, you cannot just pick up and leave. Many cultures, countries, and people have gap years or even sabbaticals--between jobs or other major life events (marriage, graduation, etc.). Most people, however, are under the false impression that they must work. There are countless websites, books, and resources about living abroad alone or with your family, travelling indefinitely for cheap or free.

For readers in Northern Virginia (if you know people in Northern Virginia, let them know, please!), sign up for one of my upcoming classes:

- Feb 11: Road Trip (Oakton, Fairfax county)
- Feb 17 and Feb 24: Do It Yourself Trip Planning (Sterling, Loudoun county)
- March 4: Road Trip (Clarendon, Arlington county)
- March 18: Quit Your Job and Travel the World (Oakton, Fairfax county)

Could that last class title be more perfect?

Whether or not I see you in one of my classes, realize that the current economic environment is not so good for employment but it is great for travel.

© 2009, Charles McCool


Hawk Ridge VA said...

So true. I've taken several work breaks to travel. Just keep your daily expenses low and you can make a little money go a long way. We once traveled in the US for months on $60 a day (including gas, lodging, meals, etc). We did some camping, some motels, and some nights with friends. It was a great experience and a great way to reset after work burnout.

Yan said...

If I ever get laid off I am headed back to Ukraine for a few weeks at least to get another try to my entrepreneurial ambitions :-)