Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baseball Park Tours and Bloopers

One of my interests in touring baseball stadiums. I often enjoy a tour of the park more than the actual game. Most, if not all, of the MLB teams offer stadium tours. A quick way to view details (when, how much, how long) is to visit the team site on The ballpark tour link is under the tab for the team's ballpark, along with seating guide, what you can bring in, etc. For your convenience, here is a link to the Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox) tour.

Three mistakes or bloopers that I have seen at the stadiums are:

1. the classic blooper is the
Babe Ruth statue in front of Baltimore's Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Some say that Babe's glove is authentically period, and that such a glove could have been worn on either hand. Most, however, say that it is a glove made for right handed throwers, which is wrong. You can see this statue without going on a ballpark tour or even without attending a game.

2. during a tour of the
Rogers Centre in Toronto, I found a blooper in a luxury suite. In a glass case, there is a Blue Jays' jersey with "Clemons." Although there was a Argonaut (CFL) player named Clemons, the baseball player was Clemens (with an "E"). Confusing, Yes, but also wrong.

3. during a tour of Pittsburgh's
PNC Park, I found a couple of bloopers. Stick with me here. The first is easiest. In the PNC Club area, they have an Alex Rodriguez (BOO!) bat displayed. Nope, A-Rod never played for the Pirates. I mentioned it to the tour guide, who expressed embarassment and said it would be immediately replaced. The other involves Debs Garms. On his batting champ plaque, there is no signature; there are signatures for other players on their plaques. The tour guide said that the Pirates staff could not locate a signature for Mr. Garms. Later in the tour, a Debs Garms Louisville Slugger bat is on display--WITH HIS SIGNATURE.

I imagine there is not great interest in ballpark bloopers such as these. Perhaps I underestimate y'all. Let me know...

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