Monday, July 13, 2009

Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is located less than a mile from its well-marked exit of I-77 in Canton, Ohio (less than an hour from Cleveland). Although I was there longer, I estimate that a 2 hour visit is sufficient for most visitors. Die hard fans could spend 4 to 6 hours.

It is a smaller experience than the Baseball Hall of Fame. That is somewhat surprising since the football fan attachment and enthusiasm is arguably greater than baseball. Baseball, on the other hand, is more nostalgic and statistic-oriented.

There is much to do but, unless you are one of those avid fans, you will quickly reach information overload. Your strategy could be to scan displays to get a superficial experience or immerse yourself in selected areas (history, certain eras, Hall of Fame statues, galleries, and more). My favorite area was the Gameday Stadium theater, which I visited more than once.

Snack options are very reasonable and appropriate. At the Tailgate Snack Bar, hot dogs are $1.75, drinks are $1.15, and fries are $1.60. Other items included nachos, brats, sausages, wraps, onion rings, burgers, and slushes. Nothing cost over $4. The stadiums should mirror this experience. If you want to overspend, the gift shop is a mere 50 feet away.

Look for a promotion offering admission to the football and rock and roll hall of fames for a discounted rate.

A nice side trip was to the McKinley National Memorial. On a pleasant weekend afternoon, there were many exercisers running in the park and walking the stairs.

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