Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lifetime Deals

One of the best investments I made was a lifetime subscription to International Travel News magazine (ITN). I bought it about 20 years ago and already consider it a great deal; hopefully, I will continue receiving ITN for at least twice that in the future (that is, hopefully I AND ITN will be around for another 40 years). By the way, its current lifetime subscription rate is $244.

ITN, to me, is the best available travel magazine. Many of its articles are written by the subscribers. It is very valuable to read about world destinations and travel skills written by actual persons travelling on their own dime, rather than paid journalists. ITN is a no-frills, informative, inspiring newsprint publication (often 200 pages) that I look forward to receiving every month. Besides, is there another travel magazine that offers a lifetime subscription? Will there even be any travel magazines in another few years?

National Geographic offers a lifetime society membership, entitling the buyer to the magazine. That runs a mere $850. Mensa once (and may still) offered lifetime memberships. Travel companies used to offer lifetime travel passes. The National Park Service sells a lifetime pass to seniors for only $10. I do not think that Disney has a lifetime program, in spite of rumors.

My third principle of better travel (#1 = flexible, #2 = resourceful) is to be assertive. Ask for travel deals. Stand up for your rights when something goes wrong. Regarding lifetime deals (passes, subscriptions, admission, etc.) it would not hurt at all to ask. It shows that you intend to be a loyal customer and that makes the company happy.

What are your experiences with lifetime deals?

Thank you.

© 2009, Charles McCool

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Charles McCool said...

I just remembered another lifetime deal. One of my favorite travel books was "Mad Monks on the Road" from the early to middle 1990s. They offered a lifetime after lifetime subscription to there newsletter.